4K Video (Ultra HD) - FLYING OVER BORA BORA Unbelievable Beauty

4K Video (Ultra HD) - FLYING OVER BORA BORA Unbelievable Beauty

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Welcome to the 4K video (ultra HD) captured this month on a tropical island. The all-new film featuring the unbelievable beauty of hidden breathtaking places with relaxing music and ocean sounds in 4k ultra HD resolution. The beaches you never knew existed on our planet. We'll take you on a relaxing journey in 4k resolution to a few truly exceptional places. We will fly to such remote tropical beaches as Playa Onda, Playa San Rafael, Isla Saona, Palawan, Bora Bora, Bali, Maldives and more...

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By: Peaceful Music
Title: 4K Video (Ultra HD) - FLYING OVER BORA BORA Unbelievable Beauty
Sourced From: www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjbfzbu8-Ic

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much money do drone photographers make?

Photographers can earn more than $10k depending on how long they fly and where they shoot. Shooting in remote areas, such national parks or forests can bring you upwards to $20-30 an hour.

Retail workers make $15-25 an hour, so you could easily earn $50-$75 flying drones. There are still many ways to make even more. Many drone pilots work for companies that require them fly across the country and even internationally.

The cost of a flight can vary depending on how much time you spend flying and how far you travel. These fees can add up quickly but if you love flying and photography it might be worth it.

Which drone is best for beginners?

The best drones for beginners are those that do not require any special skills to fly them. These include drones with an FPV (first person view) camera. This allows you to remotely control your drone from your smartphone.

Some quadcopters have been specifically designed to be used for aerial photography. You might consider a multirotor model if you plan to explore more advanced features, like autonomous flight mode and obstacle avoidance.

There are two types: the cheap drones that cost less than $100 and the more expensive drones that cost over $300.

The cheapest models tend to have a limited range, battery life, and flight time. The more expensive models feature greater performance and longer flight durations.

The majority of beginners prefer to start with the cheaper options, as they are more easy to use and manage. You might want to spend hours flying your drone, so you might look into purchasing a more expensive model.

How do I fly my drone

You need to practice flying a drone. Even though drones are very stable compared to regular aircraft, it takes time for pilots to gain experience. Practice indoors or at home is the best option for beginners.

You will need to be able to perform three skills when learning to fly a drone. These are hovering, landing, and taking off.

Take Off

To take off, simply lift the drone into the sky. Press the button on your controller to cause the drone to move upwards. Stop pushing the button when the drone reaches a desired height.


Hovering is a way to keep the drone still in midair. To hover, hold down the right or left trigger while pressing on the throttle. You can move the drone by tilting the controller by holding down both triggers.


Landing is the act of returning the drone safely to earth. To land, let go of the throttle and gently tilt the controller towards the ground. The drone will eventually slow down, and then land.

If you feel comfortable flying your drone, take it out of the house. Make sure you don't crash into anything.

Which are some great places to use a drone to take photos?

Drones can be used to capture stunning images of landscapes and nature. Drones are great for taking close-up shots or stunning landscapes.

Mountain, deserts, lakes and oceans are all great places to use drones. Drone enthusiasts often capture scenic views of their hometowns and other local attractions.

If you want to see new places, it is worth shooting at night as the lights illuminate the surroundings. You could also shoot during other seasons, especially winter when snow blankets.

What are the downsides of drone photography

Drone photography is an exciting way to capture images and video footage. However, there are some downsides to flying small aircraft.

Drones can be expensive. This is the main drawback. It all depends on what type of drone you choose. You could end up spending hundreds of thousands or even thousands.

Drone flying requires certification and training. You'll need to spend time and money learning how to safely operate them.

Safety is another issue. Drones pose a danger because they are constantly in need of repair and maintenance. You could inflict serious injury or property damage if you lose control of your drone when taking photos or filming videos.

You might find that your time spent flying your drone is more productive than actually taking pictures or recording footage. A drone can be difficult to fly because of limited airspace.

Some local governments have restrictions on where you can fly an unmanned aerial vehicle. For example, you can not fly above 400ft or within five mile of any local airports, stadiums and hospitals.

Drones aren’t for everyone. Some people feel uneasy about flying these machines because they fear they might crash or fall out of the sky. Others are concerned that they may accidentally hit someone or something else.

If you're not comfortable flying a drone, then maybe you should stick to traditional aerial photography and videography methods instead.


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How To

Tips for Beginners: How to Take Amazing Drone Photos

Tips for taking great drone photos:

  1. Make sure you have enough space to fly your drone safely. It should be kept away from trees and power lines.
  2. Before you take off, make sure you know where you are going! Drone flying is easy. If you don’t know exactly where you have flown, it is possible to end up dangerously close to cliff edges or in someone’s yard.
  3. Don't forget to stay safe while flying! You should always keep your drone close at hand to monitor what's going on. Flying at night or during poor weather conditions (like heavy rainfall) is not a good idea.
  4. Bring extra batteries if you plan to do long flights. Extra batteries should always be on hand. You won't run low on juice during flight.
  5. Use high quality lenses. Clearer pictures are possible with higher resolution lenses. A camera lens with a low resolution, such the one found on most smartphones, may blur the image.
  6. Start small. Make short videos when you are learning how to fly a drone. After you feel confident enough with these videos, you can start making longer videos.
  7. Avoid using your drone indoors. Drones should not be used indoors. They can cause damage to walls, furniture, and other objects.
  8. Practice makes perfect! You can do many things with your drone. Use it to capture different angles in the same scene. Try flying outside.
  9. Have fun! It is easy to believe that photography has to be a set of rules.
  10. Learn more information about your camera settings. Cameras today have many advanced features. These settings can improve the quality of your photos.
  11. Be patient! Be patient!
  12. Have fun. Make sure you remember why your drone was purchased. It can be fun to fly your drone.
  13. You can share your work with us! Share your top shots on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Let others know how much fun you had shooting them!
  14. Keep learning! Learn from magazines and books about photography. Watch tutorials online. 15. Be safe Make sure you are following all safety precautions before you go. You must ensure that your drone's battery is charged up and that its landing gear is working properly. You must also ensure that you comply with all FAA regulations.
  15. Find your style Once you know the basics, you can start to develop your own style. You can experiment with many styles and techniques until you find the one that works.
  16. Use apps! Get free photo editing tools for your smartphone. These apps will help you enhance your photos.
  17. Take notes! You can make it easier to remember what you have read in this article by keeping track. Note important points in your notebook or journal.

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