DJI MINI 5 PRO - What To Expect - 1" Sensor & 5K? (My Thoughts🤔)

DJI MINI 5 PRO - What To Expect - 1" Sensor & 5K? (My Thoughts🤔)

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DJI MINI 5 PRO - What To Expect - 1" Sensor & 5K? (My Thoughts🤔)

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In this video i will share my specualtions on the upcoming dji mini 5(pro).
This is not a "leak or rumors" video, but only my personal thoughts on what the mini 5 pro could look like!

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By: RobHK
Title: DJI MINI 5 PRO - What To Expect - 1" Sensor & 5K? (My Thoughts🤔)
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