Kimberley Aerial Photography // Capture and Edit with Julieanne Kost (Full Version)

Kimberley Aerial Photography // Capture and Edit with Julieanne Kost (Full Version)

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Kimberley Aerial Photography // Capture and Edit with Julieanne Kost
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Join Julieanne Kost for a flight over The Kimberley, capturing some stunning images of the waterways and mangroves. After the flight Julieanne give us some great tips in Adobe Lightroom Classic to help improve our post production workflow.

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By: Snap Happy
Title: Kimberley Aerial Photography // Capture and Edit with Julieanne Kost (Full Version)
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You have many options to begin photographing with a drone. The first is to purchase a ready-made drone set. You will get everything you need to get started. They cost $200 to $500, depending upon which model you choose.

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We recommend that you start with a quadcopter if you want to build your own drone. Quadcopters have four propellers (or rotors) as opposed to two like traditional helicopters.

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Which drones can carry DSLRs?

Drones are becoming more useful for everyday tasks. Drones can already be equipped with cameras to take aerial photos.

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Drone-A1 has been created to address this need. The Drone-A1 is the first quadcopter that can autonomously fly and was specifically made for photographers.

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What are the laws governing drone photography?

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulates drone flights. Local laws and regulations may apply, in addition to those of the FAA. You can check with your state's transport department to find out what rules govern drone flights.

In most cases, drone owners need to get a FAA license. The FAA has published guidelines regarding licensing. These guidelines are available here.

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Drones can be used to take amazing aerial photos. They can capture video footage from above and also take photos. They can also be used to survey land and take measurements.

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The sky is the limit with drones. To learn how to make the most of your drone, read on.


  • Compared to the old days of the Phantom, this drone is super small, but it will likely require you to check a bag, the way a Mini 3 Pro could easily stow away in an oversized pocket. (
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How To

How to create a time-lapse using a drone

Two main types of cameras are commonly used when making time-lapses: DSLRs (Digital Single Lens Reflex), that are usually more expensive than point and shoot digital cameras.

Because of the way light enters a DSLR camera, it tends to produce higher quality images. Videography is not as easy because you need to manually focus and adjust the exposure.

Easy to use, point-and shot cameras, like those made by GoPro. The lower resolution makes videos look grainy.

The best camera for time-lapsing is a consumer drone. These small flying robots have become very popular as an affordable alternative for professional drones.

A drone is a remotely controlled aircraft that can fly autonomously and without human intervention. A drone typically uses a single propeller to fly, although quadcopter drones may have multiple propellers.

Drones can be used to capture cinematic footage from a bird's-eye view. To capture smooth handheld footage, drones can be outfitted with a stabilizer.

You can create a time lapse by recording the drone above your subject. The sky won't appear dark during the shot if the sun isn't directly overhead.

You can adjust the shutter speed and aperture to achieve the desired effect. For example, you could set your shutter speed to 30 seconds for a sunset shot and keep the aperture wide open in order to capture as much natural daylight as possible.

You should use the opposite approach for night shots. You can reduce light entering your camera by slowing the shutter speed to 1/second and closing the aperture. This produces bright images with details clearly visible.