Reflecting On 8 Years Of Doing YouTube

Reflecting On 8 Years Of Doing YouTube

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June 10, 2024
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In today's livestream I reflect on 8 years of doing YouTube. What were the goals of the channel and did I achieve them?

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By: Rick Beato
Title: Reflecting On 8 Years Of Doing YouTube
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Frequently Asked Questions

What drone is best for aerial photography?

You have two choices if your goal is to fly. Either rent a small, remote-controlled helicopter or purchase an expensive camera kit with a stabilizing gimbal.

The first option is great if you plan to shoot a video or film because it gives you complete control over how the shots look. With the second option, you'll have to pay more and be much more dependent on the pilot.

What happens if the shot doesn't look perfect? Drones are perfect for this purpose.

A drone is tiny, autonomous aircraft that can fly without the input of an operator and take photos or videos.

They can fly close enough to buildings or structures to record footage or capture images. They can also fly low to capture photos of people.

Drones are incredibly useful for aerial photography and videography. These drones can also be great for marketing as they enable you to create breathtaking visuals that would otherwise need a lot less manpower and equipment.

To capture incredible imagery, you can place them easily in strategic locations. They can also be flown remotely making them very easy to use.

One example is hiring drones for weddings. These drone pilots can fly over the ceremony area to capture incredible photographs of the groom and bride.

They can also fly the cameras to relatives to capture portraits. They can also fly them above reception areas to capture stunning views of the venue.

These activities are perfect to make promotional material or event coverage. You can also use drones to create short films. To show clients why you are better than theirs, you could use one.

Drones are increasingly becoming popular for aerial photography and videography. If you want to become a professional photographer, then drones might be the best option.

How do I get started with drone photography?

There are many ways to get started with drone photography. The first option is to buy a ready-made drone kit. You'll get everything you need. They can range from $200 to $500 depending on the model.

Another option is to build your own drone. Although this can be a bit complicated, it's still possible to create something that works well enough to take some decent photos and videos.

We recommend that you start with a quadcopter if you want to build your own drone. Quadcopters have four propellers (or rotors) as opposed to two like traditional helicopters.

A quadcopter is easier to assemble and maintain than a helicopter. It is also less expensive to buy and easier to transport.

First, you'll need to choose the right parts. Motors, batteries and controllers are all required. It is important to choose the correct size and weight.

Next, choose the controller that you want to use. Many different types are available, such as joysticks, touch screens, and remote controls. A drone with a built in camera is a good choice.

Once you have selected the correct parts, it's time to assemble your drone. We recommend purchasing a pre-assembled kit to make things easier. But if you want to build your own drone, there are some steps you will need to follow.

Step 1: Attach battery pack

To build your quadcopter, you will need to connect the battery pack and the motor. First, remove cover plate from bottom of battery pack. Next, slide the battery in place.

Step 2: Connect the motors

Next, you'll need to install the motors in the appropriate slots. Each motor needs to be installed in its respective slot. When installing the motors, make sure they face forward and are perpendicular to the frame.

Step3: Installing the propeller

Last, attach the propellers and frame. Place them at an equal distance.

After completing all these steps, you're finally ready to test your new drone! If the drone doesn't move when you turn it on, make sure the propellers face forward. Make sure the propellers are free from obstructions.

Are drone photos a good way to make money?

A lack of products to solve the problems inherent in flying drones is the biggest obstacle for photographers looking to make money from them. You can enjoy the experience by using quality equipment and software.

You also have to worry about insurance costs and liability issues, so most photographers will stick to taking pictures from the ground. However, there is an entirely new way to take pictures that can potentially earn you a commission.

Drones can capture light very much in the same way as video cameras. Use the same technology to take amazing photos.

Companies are already making great strides toward creating photo-quality images taken from above. We've spoken before about DJI and GoPro. However, more companies are entering the space.

These cameras are not only great for aerial photography, but they also work well on the ground. The major manufacturers have invested heavily in the development of their imaging technologies.

This means you will eventually be able purchase a drone that can shoot 4K videos and take amazing photos. We may already be seeing this happen. DJI has been releasing higher-resolution versions for their Phantom series drones.

DJI recently released the Inspire 2, which features a 12-megapixel sensor capable of shooting at 5120 x 3456 pixels. The Inspire 2 can also be used to record RAW files at 30 frames/second.

Yes, drone photos can be a great way to make some extra cash.

What are the laws concerning drone photography?

Drone flight regulation is regulated by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). In addition to the FAA regulations, local laws may also apply. You can check with your state's transport department to find out what rules govern drone flights.

Most drone owners will need to apply for a FAA licence. The FAA has guidelines for licensing. These guidelines are available here.

In some states, drone operators must register their drones with the government. You can find out more in our Guide for Drone Registration.

What kind of drones do professional pilots use?

Drones make amazing tools for aerial photography. They are invaluable for taking aerial photos and recording video footage. They can also be used to survey land and take measurements.

These devices are commonly used commercially, such as to map large areas or check construction sites. There are many uses for these devices beyond their business purposes.

Drones are great for entertainment and fun with friends and family. There are countless ways to fly these machines and explore new places. Drones are great for photographing and recording special events and celebrations.

The sky is the limit when it comes to using drones. If you've been wondering how to make the most out of your flying machine, keep reading to learn more about these incredible tools.

What are some of the cons to using drone photography for your photos?

Drone photography is a great way to capture images as well as video. But there are also downsides when choosing to fly a small aircraft.

The biggest disadvantage of flying drones are their cost. It could cost you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars depending on the drone that you buy.

To fly a drone safely, you will need certification and training.

Safety is another issue. Drones are extremely dangerous because they require constant maintenance. It is possible to injure or cause property damage by losing control of your drone while you are taking photos.

You might find yourself spending more time controlling a drone that actually shooting photos or filming. A drone can be difficult to fly because of limited airspace.

Some local governments have restrictions on where you can fly an unmanned aerial vehicle. For example, you can not fly above 400ft or within five mile of any local airports, stadiums and hospitals.

Finally, drones aren't for everyone. Some people feel uneasy about flying these machines because they fear they might crash or fall out of the sky. Some fear they might hit an object or another person.

If you are not confident flying a drone, you can stick with traditional aerial photography methods and videography instead.


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  • Here's proof: according to an analysis of FAA drone registration numbers by drone market research and data group Drone Industry Insights, DJI had a 76.8% market share in the U.S. (
  • Homes with aerial images sold 68% faster than homes with standard images. (

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How To

How can I make my drone pictures look better?

A drone photo is a great way of capturing amazing images. The result can be more stunning than any image taken with a conventional camera if you do it correctly.

But there are ways to improve the quality of your images. One is making sure to use the most appropriate settings for your model.

Several apps and tools can be used to edit photos after they are taken. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom lets you import multiple files at the same time and allows you to adjust each shot individually.

You can also crop and enhance individual parts of your image. This can include removing unwanted objects, changing lighting and contrast.

Snapseed is another option that allows basic editing such as cropping, brightness adjustment, and color correction.

The most important aspect of post-processing, however, is ensuring that your final product looks professional.

This means knowing how to set your camera correctly and learning how to position yourself properly.

Also, be sure to choose the right settings on your lens. For example, if shooting landscapes, go for a longer focal point (e.g. 200mm), but if you are shooting close-ups (e.g. 50mm), you can choose a shorter focal.

You can also learn to shoot in RAW format so you have more control over your final image.

Once you master these techniques, you will be able to create stunning drone photos that will impress everyone.