THE BIGGEST AIR BATTLE SINCE WW2! The first 75 Ukrainian F-16s attacked Crimea at the same time!

THE BIGGEST AIR BATTLE SINCE WW2! The first 75 Ukrainian F-16s attacked Crimea at the same time!

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June 10, 2024
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THE BIGGEST AIR BATTLE SINCE WW2! The first 75 Ukrainian F-16s attacked Crimea at the same time!

*NOT Real footages, just Arma 3 gameplay simulation!
This video does not depict what is happening, it is just a guess at what this event would look like in reality :)

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Title: THE BIGGEST AIR BATTLE SINCE WW2! The first 75 Ukrainian F-16s attacked Crimea at the same time!
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Drones make amazing tools for aerial photography. They are invaluable for taking aerial photos and recording video footage. But drones also come in handy when surveying land and taking measurements.

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Yes. But it's been a long-standing tradition. Since decades, we have been taking night shots.

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A strobe will give you a great shot. It's not practical to have a bulky flashgun around, so it's best to get a small one.

These lights are known as speedlights because they produce flashes of light so fast that they create a stroboscopic effect.

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We won't cover how to set-up a Speedlight. But you can find many tutorials online.

We will tell, for clear pictures, that you need to ensure that the subject is evenly illuminated.

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Drones become more popular by the day. As well as providing us with amazing aerial shots of our homes and businesses, drones are also useful for surveying large areas, delivering goods, and capturing video footage of events such as sporting matches. However, drones still have very few regulations. Some states in America have banned drones completely, while others have put restrictions on their operation.

While flying drones during daylight hours are relatively safe, there are still risks involved when operating them at night. Flying a drone at night could put you and other pilots in danger. It is difficult to spot obstacles or hazards so mistakes by the pilot could result in an accident.

Drones are becoming increasingly popular; therefore, we must learn how to operate them safely. There are two types of drones currently available: fixed-wing androtary-wing. Fixed-wing drones can be controlled more easily than rotary wing models. A fixed-wing model usually has four propellers, whereas a rotary-wing model has a single rotor.

To avoid potential accidents, you should become familiar with your local laws and ensure that your drone is always within your reach. You should also ensure your drone is equipped with lights. Make sure they flash red or green. This will make it easier for you spot potentially dangerous objects. Your camera lens should be protected against any scratches if you plan to take pictures. When flying your drone, you should wear protective goggles.

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If you want to make money flying drones, the problem is that there isn't a product that will solve your problems. The experience is less enjoyable if there's no quality software and equipment.

Photographers also need to consider liability and insurance. Many photographers will choose to shoot from the ground. This is a completely new way to capture images, and you might get paid for it.

Drones are very much like video cameras in how they capture light. Why not make amazing photos with the same technology?

Companies are already making strides in creating photos that can be captured from above. We've already spoken about DJI, GoPro. Now, we are seeing more companies join the space.

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How To

How to Make a Time-Lapse with a Drone

The two most common types of camera used to make time-lapses are DSLRs (Digital Single Lens Reflex) which are typically more expensive that point-and–shoot digital cameras.

DSLR cameras produce images that are more high-quality due to how light enters them. They are not ideal for video because they require manual focus, exposure and exposure settings.

Point-and-shoot cameras, such as those made by GoPro, are easier to operate for beginners. However, videos with lower resolutions look grainy.

A consumer drone is the best camera for time-lapsing. These small flying robots are popular because they provide an affordable alternative to professional drones.

A drone, a remote controlled aircraft, is one that can fly independently of human intervention. A drone generally uses one propeller to fly. Quadcopter drones could have multiple propellers.

A drone can also capture aerial footage and cinematic shots from a bird’s eye view. You can equip your drone with a stabiliser to capture smooth handheld footage.

You can create a time lapse by recording the drone above your subject. If the sun doesn't directly over the subject, the sky won't look dark during the shot.

You can adjust both the shutter speed or aperture to get the desired effect. To capture a sunset, you might set the shutter speed at 30 seconds, and open the aperture wide to let in as much natural sunlight as possible.

Night shots can be shot using the opposite approach. Use a slow shutter speed of 1 second and close the aperture to reduce the amount of light entering the camera. This produces bright images with details clearly visible.

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