Cinematic FPV Drone Compilation - THREE HOURS 4k Movie

Cinematic FPV Drone Compilation - THREE HOURS 4k Movie

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Embark on an unparalleled three-hour journey in our most epic FPV Drone Cinematic Compilation to date. Presented in stunning 4K resolution, this immersive experience promises to be the longest FPV video edit in our history, showcasing breathtaking nature scenery and long-range FPV flights.

In a year marked by uncertainty and lockdowns, 2020 presented unique opportunities to escape into the mountains, soaring the skies with my FPV drone. This cinematic compilation is three times longer than my previous compilations from 2018 and 2019, reflecting the abundance of time and exploration this unusual year afforded.

For those who enjoyed our previous compilations 2018 FPV Drone Compilation and 2019 FPV Drone Compilation, we are thrilled to bring you this 2020 edition.

This Cinematic FPV compilation is an amalgamation of serene 4K footage, expansive long-range flights, thrilling proximity mountain dives, and tranquil moments spent enjoying nature with friends. These elements combined to produce some of the most stunning FPV shots I've ever captured.

Each scene in this compilation is unique, framed by a distinct music track that complements the visuals. The result is a cinematic masterpiece akin to a full-length movie; at 2 hours and 50 minutes, it's longer than some Hollywood films. We're proud to present this Cinematic FPV Drone Movie, and we hope it brings as much enjoyment to you as it did to us in the making.

Flying FPV provided solace in the turbulent year that was 2020. The moments spent soaring over mountains, taking in the vast expanse of nature, were truly restorative. It is my hope that the beauty and tranquility captured in these images brings you a sense of peace, and a reminder of the resilience we all share. Here's to a healthier, brighter year ahead for all of us.


0:00 Beautiful FPV Sunset Mountain Flying
2:56 Epic FPV Proximity line wait for the drop on 4:17 fasten your seat belts
5:39 Absolut beautiful FPV Mountain Surfing
9:07 Sunset Tree surfing
11:28 Epic Wing chasing with
15:34 Winter tree surfing some close calls
16:11 Revers FPV Drone Sunset chasing
19:06 Did you see the Raindrops
22:48 Minutes before a really bad Mountain Storm
26:35 Amazing Nature Scenery - Mountain Lake
29:27 close gaps beautiful winter wonderland
31:44 crazy Rocks high up on a Glacier
35:33 Frozen FPV Drone and my fingers also :)
37:32 low and deep Larch Trees fly-throughs FPV flying
40:35 nice mountain Side mid-range FPV fun
43:23 Beautiful nature in 4K
46:42 Follow that wing he said
48:13 when time and place are in sync world can be an awesome place
51:18 Super low and fast Mountain roaming fun
53:39 Follow the sun Winterforest flying
57:14 Winter Mountain Long range FPV flying
1:02:34 Summer Mountain fun Midrange FPV Drone flying
1:07:19 is one of my absolute best Mountain Formation flying ever
1:13:05 Beautiful Autom Forest drone flying
1:16:54 Winter Forest takes 2
1:18:07 Mountain Formation FPV flying this is what we love
1:20:53 did you say low fast
1:24:15 Sunset FPV flying
1:27:37 Winterwonderland flying close FPV drone shots
1:34:27 Mountain Surfing long range fpv flying
1:41:54 Sunset Mountain Lake Midrange FPV flying
1:47:25 FPV Long Range Drone flying in Formation
1:52:47 nice Drone formation flying
1:56:44 Low and deep take 2
1:59:29 Winter Nature surfing
2:02:30 Close Gaps Autom Forest FPV drones
2:08:10 Winter forest close gaps
2:10:19 Relaxing ending of an epic flight day
2:12:27 did Someone say it is cloudy?
2:18:06 Last light on a Winter Scene
2:23:46 FPV Proximity Long range Formation flying
2:27:43 Frozen Woods and frozen fingers part 2
2:29:23 Long range fpv flying crazy landscape
2:33:12 FPV Drone in a forest just fun and slow enjoying flight
2:27:29 FPV Winter Drone flying
2:42:49 FPV fun after a Storm look for the big rock! :)
2:44:57 Epic Sunset mountain lake flying
2:46:10 Frozen fingers part 3
2:47:43 the end of this epic Journey

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