How I Built the NEW World's Fastest Drone

How I Built the NEW World's Fastest Drone

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360.503 kmh
224 mph

480.23 kmh
133 m/s
298.47 mph

510 kmh
142 m/s
317 mph

0-300 kmh in 2s
0-186 mph in 2s

Last year I created the fastest drone in the world, but I always felt like it was a kind of prototype and not quite fast enough. This year my dad and I decided to improve every aspect of the original Peregreen drone to create an epic successor. By the end of this video we hope that this drone will take the Guinness World Record title as the fastest drone in the world. And yes, this drone is even faster than the Red Bull Formula 1 drone!

Thanks to the following people for the help!

Mike Bell for working on this project with me: @Mike-Bell
Chris Rosser for advice: @ChrisRosser
Jadon and Flying Robot for advice and repairs
Timothee Ferreira for FPV follow shots
Kayla Petersen for shooting the world record attempt BTS
Darren Smith for help on the world record attempt day

0:00 - Introduction
0:32 - The Frame
1:31 - The Powertrain
3:48 - The Aerodynamics
7:14 - The Tuning
8:49 - The First High Speed Runs
10:19 - The World Record Attempt
12:29 - The Results
12:58 - High Speed Drone Shots

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