JETSON ONE – Flying Electric Sports Car

JETSON ONE – Flying Electric Sports Car

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April 7, 2022
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This is the JETSON ONE, Electric Flying Sport Car.

It has eight electric motors, a top speed of 102 kph, a maximum flight height of 1,500 feet and only weighs 86 kilograms without a pilot.

It also has various safety features, such as a chassis roll cage made from aluminium with crumple zones, a body shell around the pilot made from Carbon-Kevlar, a ballistic parachute, obstacle and terrain avoidance lidar, propeller guards and hands free hover, just like a camera drone.

The battery is good for 20-30 minutes of flight time, and can be recharged in 1 to 2 hours depending on the charger, but the batteries are swappable to reduce downtime.

The Jetson One can fold to just 90cm wide in seconds, and can fit in a van, pickup or trailer. It also has tiny wheels which allow for it to be rolled by one person, as small and lightweight as it is, it only has a pilot weight limit of 95 kilograms / 210 pounds.

But as I mentioned earlier, you don’t need a pilot licence to fly one.

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