Tree-to-Tree FPV Stunt = 🤯 Soaring Through the Gap #shorts #fpv #drone #fpvfreestyle #fpvracing

Tree-to-Tree FPV Stunt = 🤯 Soaring Through the Gap #shorts #fpv #drone #fpvfreestyle #fpvracing

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Get ready for a high-flying FPV adventure as drones soar through a narrow gap between two trees! In this exciting video, you'll see some of the most incredible FPV drone flights as pilots navigate through a tight squeeze and hit the gap with precision. With its breathtaking views and heart-pumping action, this video will take you on a journey through the skies, showcasing the amazing skills and control required to hit this tiny gap. From start to finish, this video is a must-see for all FPV enthusiasts and fans of drone flying. So sit back and enjoy the ride, with the FPV Drone Gap Fly.

Emax Babyhawk II Analog
Gemfan Hurricane 3520 Durable 3-Blade Propellers
Tattu Gens Ace 4s 850 mAh
Emax E6 Transmitter
Eachine EV200D goggles
Antennas (Eachine StingPad, Realacc Plate Antenna, Realacc UXII Stubby, FatShark ImmersionRC, Realacc Triple Feed Patch - 1)
PNY 32 GB Micro SD Card


By: MagnusFPV
Title: Tree-to-Tree FPV Stunt = 🤯 Soaring Through the Gap #shorts #fpv #drone #fpvfreestyle #fpvracing
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