SAVFPV: Tiny Racing Drone exceeds all expectations on first night!

SAVFPV: Tiny Racing Drone exceeds all expectations on first night!

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March 29, 2023
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Racing tiny drones called “whoops” with SQRL (Savannah Quad Racing League) after a two year hiatus! This is my best practice run of the night with the 75mm Whoop with Walksnail on 2s. This is direct onboard DVR from the walksnail unit!

Small drones likes these are affectionately known as a “Tiny Whoop” with the action of flying them known as “Whoopin”. This is all thanks to Jesse Perkins for taking that first toy drone and slapping a miniature video system onto it opening up a whole new little world into our own. Little did he know after a few years it would be possible for that video to become HD like this!!

It took me 5 separate attempts to build this whoop running into every imaginable problem along the way. From trying different components to get everything to fit and connect together to fully building and testing only to find a motor or the whole AIO FC had gone bad! (Both happened, on two different attempts.) I even took it across the country with me to fly in the snow and it was a sitting duck due to that AIO FC which was brand new but had a burnt out ESC already. Patience and persistence paid off as usual and we finally got this thing air borne! One item remains and that is to make a mount to better position and protect the camera. Think this one’s already a goner after a night of wrecking and whooping, but ut was so fun I don’t even care!

Craft Specs:
• 75mm Newbeedrone cockroach frame with roach clip
• Newbeedrone N0802 14000k Motors
• Gemfan 1610 bi-blade props
• TunerRC EZ F4 AIO FC
• Caddx Walksnail, 1s Lite version
• TBS Tracer
• NBD 2s 300mah HV LiPo (not enough mah, need more for longer flights!)