Real Estate Drone by AirManno - Aerial Photos & Videos

Real Estate Drone by AirManno - Aerial Photos & Videos

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January 24, 2023
Real Estate Drone Videos
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Elevate your real estate listings to new heights with AirManno's aerial photography and videography.

My state-of-the-art drone technology allows me to capture stunning aerial shots and videos that will showcase your property like never before. From luxurious estates to large estates, let me highlight your property's unique features and capture its true potential.

Contact me now to book your next project and stand out from the crowd.

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By: AirManno - Aerial Photos & Videos
Title: Real Estate Drone by AirManno - Aerial Photos & Videos
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are drone photos a good way to make money?

If you want to make money flying drones, the problem is that there isn't a product that will solve your problems. This makes it less fun to fly drones if the equipment and software are not of high quality.

There are also insurance and liability concerns, so many photographers prefer to take pictures from the ground. This is a completely new way to capture images, and you might get paid for it.

Drones work in the same way that video cameras do by capturing light. Why not make amazing photos with the same technology?

Companies are already making strides in creating photos that can be captured from above. We have already discussed DJI & GoPro. We're seeing more companies in the space.

These cameras are not only great for aerial photography, but they also work well on the ground. Every major manufacturer is investing heavily in the development and maintenance of their imaging technologies.

This means you will eventually be able purchase a drone that can shoot 4K videos and take amazing photos. We may already be seeing this happen. DJI, for example, has released higher-resolution versions their Phantom series of drones.

DJI has just released the Inspire 2 with a 12-megapixel sensor that can shoot at 5120x3456 pixels. If you prefer to shoot in RAW format you can capture 8-bit files at 30 frames a second.

Yes, drone photos can be a great way to make some extra cash.

What are the drawbacks to drone photography?

Drone photography is a great way to capture images as well as video. There are downsides to flying a small plane.

The most obvious disadvantage of flying drones is the cost involved. You can spend hundreds, thousands or even millions depending on the drone you choose.

To fly a drone safely, you will need certification and training.

Safety is another problem. Drones pose a danger because they are constantly in need of repair and maintenance. It is possible to injure or cause property damage by losing control of your drone while you are taking photos.

You might find that you spend more time operating a drone than actually capturing photographs or recording footage. You may also have restricted airspace in which you can fly your drone.

You can only fly your unmanned air vehicle within certain areas. You cannot fly higher than 400 feet, or within five miles of any stadiums, hospitals or schools.

Finally, drones aren't for everyone. People feel nervous about flying drones because they fear that they will crash into the ground or fall from the sky. Others are concerned that they may accidentally hit someone or something else.

If you are not confident flying a drone, you can stick with traditional aerial photography methods and videography instead.

What should I know about the laws regarding drone photography?

Drone flights are regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Local laws may also apply in addition to the FAA regulations. For information on drone flying regulations in your state, contact the transportation department.

The FAA requires drone owners to obtain a license in almost all cases. Guidelines for licensing have been established by the FAA. You can learn more about these guidelines here.

Drone operators in some states must register their drones to the government. Visit our Guide to Drone Registration to learn what you need to do.

Which drone can hold a DSLR camera?

Drones are becoming more useful for everyday tasks. There are already drones outfitted with cameras that can do aerial photography.

Drones have been around for many years but most people don't use them because they aren’t practical. Drones are often too expensive, noisy and difficult to control.

The Drone-A1 is a result of this. It is the first quadcopter with fully autonomous flight that was designed especially for photographers.

The Drone-A1 is equipped with an HD camera capable of taking stunning photos and videos. Due to its powerful computer onboard, the Drone-A1 will follow a subject seamlessly without any human intervention.

This allows you to focus solely on the capture of great images, while Drone-A1 does all the flying, hovering and following your subject.

The Drone-A1's Smart Follow feature makes it easy to take amazing photos. The Drone-A1 will track your subject and maintain a constant distance between you and them if you point it towards him or her.

With the Drone-A1, you'll enjoy freedom and convenience when shooting. No longer will you need to worry about having a steady hand or knowing exactly where your subject is going.

You can also share your photos with loved ones using the built-in GPS on the Drone- A1. You can view all of your photos anywhere you are in the world.

The Drone-A 1 is a great choice for anyone who loves to take photos for fun or as a professional photographer.

How do I fly my drone

It takes practice to fly a drone. It takes time to learn how to fly drones. We recommend that you practice indoors, or close to your house, for beginners.

To fly a drone you will need to have three fundamental skills. These are taking off, hovering and landing.

Take Off

Simply lift the drone in the air to take off. Once the drone is moving upward, hold down the button on the controller. Once the drone is at a certain height stop pressing the button.


Hovering is when the drone stays in midair. To hover, hold down the right or left trigger while pressing on the throttle. The drone can be tilted by pressing the throttle and both triggers.


Landing means returning the drone to earth safely. To land, release your throttle and tilt the controller down toward the ground. The drone will slow down and eventually land.

You can fly your drone if you are comfortable with it. However, be careful not crash into anything.

What time of day is best for drone photography?

When there's not much activity on ground, a drone can capture aerial images at sunrise and sunset.

Drones make great tools for photographing beautiful landscapes and the skies above them. But sometimes drones aren't allowed to fly at night, so you miss out on spectacular views.

To ensure you don't miss out on any potential photo ops, consider flying during sunrise and sunset hours. These times provide more opportunities to capture stunning shots of nature because there are usually fewer cars on the road and fewer people walking around.

You'll find that you can shoot at lower levels of light, which makes it easier for you to take pictures without worrying about overexposing.

Additionally, the drone can withstand strong winds, rain and snow. All of these factors make daylight perfect to take photos with drones.

However, if you want to capture some nighttime scenes, consider flying during moonlit nights. This will allow you to see the cityscape from a different perspective.


  • Compared to the old days of the Phantom, this drone is super small, but it will likely require you to check a bag, the way a Mini 3 Pro could easily stow away in an oversized pocket. (
  • Greater than 50% throttle stick position generates positive thrust, but less than 50% throttle stick position reverses the direction of the motors, allowing upside-down flying! (
  • Though the Mavic 3 is about 50% heavier than the Mavic Air 2, it's still conveniently sized. (
  • Here's proof: according to an analysis of FAA drone registration numbers by drone market research and data group Drone Industry Insights, DJI had a 76.8% market share in the U.S. (
  • Homes with aerial images sold 68% faster than homes with standard images. (

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How To

How can I make my drone photographs look better?

It is possible to capture stunning images with a drone. When done right, you can get a stunning result that is even better than any picture taken with your camera.

However, there are several ways to improve the quality and appeal of your images. One way is to make sure you're using the right settings for each model.

You can edit your photos with some apps and tools. These include software such as Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, which lets you import multiple files at once and adjust each shot individually.

You can also crop out and enhance certain parts of your image. You can also remove unwanted objects or adjust lighting and contrast.

Snapseed is another option that allows basic editing such as cropping, brightness adjustment, and color correction.

The most important aspect of post-processing, however, is ensuring that your final product looks professional.

This means that you need to know how to set up your camera properly and how best to position yourself.

Also, ensure that you select the correct settings for your lens. You might choose a longer focal distance (such as 200mm) if you want to shoot landscapes. If you need to capture close-ups, opt for a shorter focal line (such as 50mm).

Finally, learn how to shoot in RAW format because this gives you greater control over the final image.

Once you are proficient in these techniques you can create stunning drone pictures that will wow everyone.