Skyzilla Drone Ops - Real Estate Sample Video

Skyzilla Drone Ops - Real Estate Sample Video

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January 26, 2023
Real Estate Drone Videos
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Here's a sample video showing Skyzilla Drone Ops' videography capabilities. We can customize the video to include property information and realtor contact information. Contact us today for your customized video and enhance your real estate listing.

Music by EvgenyBardyuzha from Pixabay:

By: Skyzilla Drone Operations
Title: Skyzilla Drone Ops - Real Estate Sample Video
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Frequently Asked Questions

What drone is the best for shooting photos?

Drones can be used for a variety of purposes, including aerial photography, filming movies, and even delivering packages. What makes drones so useful? Drones have two main advantages. They can be used in so many different ways. There are thousands of ways to use drones. You can use them for almost every task that you would normally use a camera to accomplish. They are easy to use. If you have flown a quadcopter before, you already know how simple it is to fly a drone.

Amazing images can also be captured by drones. Amazing photos can be captured by drones in places you would not normally visit. These include remote areas where you could potentially fall into dangerous situations.

Drones can be operated quickly and are easy to use. Once you learn the basics, you will be able to use your drone to capture amazing photos from anywhere you happen to be. You can check out our drone line if this interests you.

Which hour is best to photograph drones?

If there isn’t any activity on the ground, a drone could capture aerial shots during sunrise or sunset.

Drones make great tools for photographing beautiful landscapes and the skies above them. Sometimes drones can't fly at night so you might miss spectacular views.

If you want to make sure that you capture all the photo opportunities, fly during sunset and sunrise hours. Because there are fewer cars and more people on the roads, these times offer stunning opportunities for photos of nature.

Also, you'll find yourself shooting at lower light levels. This makes it easier to capture images without worrying about overexposing them.

A drone is also immune to strong winds and rain. All these factors make daylight ideal for taking photos with a drone.

But, if you wish to capture nighttime scenes, flying during the moonlit nights is an option. This will offer you a unique view of your cityscape.

How much money do drone photographers make?

Photographers make more than $10k a gig depending on the length of their flights and where they are shooting. Photographers who work in remote areas, such as forests or national parks, could make upwards of $20-30 per hour.

Retail workers make $15-25 an hour, so you could easily earn $50-$75 flying drones. There are many opportunities to make even more. Drone pilots often fly for companies that require them cross-country or international travel.

Prices for flights can range from $100 to $300 depending on the amount of time spent flying and the distance covered. It can quickly add up, but if your passion is photography and flying, this may be worth it.

How to fly my drone?

The best way to learn how to fly a drone is by practicing. Even though drones are very stable compared to regular aircraft, it takes time for pilots to gain experience. We recommend that beginners practice indoors or near their home.

When learning how to fly a drone, you'll need to master three basic skills. These are hovering, landing, and taking off.

Take Off

Taking off is simply lifting the drone into the air. The button on the controller should be pressed until the drone moves upward. When the drone has reached a certain height you can stop pressing the button.


Hovering is a way to keep the drone still in midair. To hover, hold down the left or right trigger while pressing the throttle. The drone can be tilted by pressing the throttle and both triggers.


Landing means returning the drone to earth safely. To land, release your throttle and tilt the controller down toward the ground. This will cause your drone to slow down until it lands.

If you feel confident flying your drone, then take it outside. But be careful not to crash into anything.

Are drone photos a good way to make money?

If you want to make money flying drones, the problem is that there isn't a product that will solve your problems. You can enjoy the experience by using quality equipment and software.

Insurance costs and liability are another concern. Most photographers prefer to photograph from the ground. But we're talking about an entirely new way of capturing images where you could potentially get paid for your efforts.

Drones are very much like video cameras in how they capture light. So why not use the same technology to create amazing photos?

Companies are making huge strides towards creating high-quality photos taken from the sky. We've previously discussed DJI and GoPro. But now we're starting to see more and more companies enter the space.

These cameras are not only great for aerial photography, but they also work well on the ground. All the major manufacturers are investing heavily to develop their imaging technologies.

This means you can eventually buy a drone which shoots 4K videos, and takes amazing photographs. We might already be witnessing this happening. DJI and other companies have released higher resolution versions of their Phantom drones.

DJI's Inspire 2 recently came out with a 12-megapixel sensor, capable of shooting at 5120x3456 Pixels. You can also shoot 8-bit RAW files at 30 frames/second if you wish.

You can certainly make money from drone photos.

Is it legal to fly a drone nightly?

Drones are becoming more popular every day. As well as providing us with amazing aerial shots of our homes and businesses, drones are also useful for surveying large areas, delivering goods, and capturing video footage of events such as sporting matches. There are currently very few regulations that govern drone usage. They are banned in some states, and restricted in others.

Although drones are generally safe to fly during daylight hours, they can be hazardous when used at night. The safety of you and other pilots is at risk when flying drones at night. It is difficult to spot obstacles or hazards so mistakes by the pilot could result in an accident.

Drones are becoming more and more popular. It is therefore important that we learn how they can be safely operated. There are currently two main types of drones: fixed-wing and rotary-wing. Fixed-wing drones tend to be smaller and easier than rotary-wing models. A fixed-wing model usually has four propellers, whereas a rotary-wing model has a single rotor.

To avoid accidents, you should familiarize yourself with the local laws concerning drone usage. It is also important that you ensure that your drone is within your direct line of sight at all time. You should also ensure your drone is equipped with lights. Make sure they flash red or green. This will make it easier for you spot potentially dangerous objects. You should protect your camera lens from any damage when you plan on taking photographs. You should also wear protective goggles if you fly your drone.

Flying drones at night poses a number of dangers, including collisions with power lines, trees, and buildings. Drones also have the potential to become lost, or even fall out of sight. Keep your drone clear of obstructions and close to the ground. Drones are also susceptible to wind gusts and sudden changes in weather conditions. These factors can disrupt your drone's flight and cause it to crash land.

Drones are becoming more and more popular. However, there are potential health hazards. These devices emit noise that can cause headaches and damage to the ears. The vibrations from drones can also cause harm to the body. The operator license allows you to fly drones, but it can also lead to legal action and fines.

These guidelines will help you avoid any drone accident. When flying your drone, you must keep it within your line of sight. You should adhere to any restrictions placed by airport authorities if you fly near airports. You should be extra cautious when flying your drone above water as this increases the likelihood of a collision.

What drone is best for aerial photography?

You have two choices if your goal is to fly. You have two options: either buy a high-end camera package with a stabilizer, or rent a small remote controlled helicopter.

The first option is great if you plan to shoot a video or film because it gives you complete control over how the shots look. The second option requires you to pay more and be dependent on the pilot.

What happens when you want to make sure that your shot looks flawless even though it's not your camera? That's where drones come in.

A drone can be described as a tiny, unmanned aircraft that can fly independently and take photos and videos without being directed by its operator.

They are versatile and can fly close to structures and buildings to capture photos or film footage. They can also fly low to capture photos of people.

Drones make great aerial photography and videography tools. You can also use them to market your business by creating amazing visuals that don't require much manpower or equipment.

To capture incredible imagery, you can place them easily in strategic locations. Plus, they can be flown remotely, which makes them easy to operate.

For example, some companies hire drones for weddings. These drone pilots can fly over the ceremony area to capture incredible photographs of the groom and bride.

They can also fly them over to guests and capture portraits of loved ones. Or they can fly them over reception areas to capture beautiful views of the venue.

These activities are perfect to make promotional material or event coverage. You can also make short films with drones. You could use one to show clients why your company is better than yours.

For all these reasons, drones are becoming increasingly popular for aerial photography and videography. A drone may be the perfect tool for professional photographers.


  • Homes with aerial images sold 68% faster than homes with standard images. (
  • Regional & Super Regional Centers pricing per center (400,000+ sq ft) PLACE ORDER (
  • Among the biggest improvements, the Skydio 2+ has over the standard 2 is a 20% longer battery life, longer range if you add the Beacon, and a neat AI video creation tool called Keyframe. (
  • A grey card is just a piece of thick paper that is a specific shade of grey (18%), which will be the foundation on which we choose our color temperature. (
  • 60 second video with branding, captions, contact information, and music Strip / Convenience / Neighborhood / Community Centers pricing per center (up to 400,000 sq ft) PLACE ORDER (

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How can I make my drone photos look better?

A drone shot is an excellent way to capture amazing images. But when you do it right, the result can be even more impressive than any photo taken with a camera.

There are many ways to improve your images' quality. You should make sure that your settings are appropriate for the model you are photographing.

Some tools and apps can help you edit your photos after taking them. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom lets you import multiple files at the same time and allows you to adjust each shot individually.

You can also crop your image and make it more interesting. You can also remove unwanted objects or adjust lighting and contrast.

Snapseed is another tool that offers basic editing capabilities such as cropping and brightness adjustments.

Post-processing is important, but it's also crucial to ensure that your final product looks professional.

This involves knowing how your camera works and how to position yourself correctly.

Make sure you choose the right settings for your lens. For example, if shooting landscapes, go for a longer focal point (e.g. 200mm), but if you are shooting close-ups (e.g. 50mm), you can choose a shorter focal.

Finally, learn how to shoot in RAW format because this gives you greater control over the final image.

You can create amazing drone images once you have mastered these techniques.

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