Day In The Life Of Todd & Rob At Our Modern Mountain House

Day In The Life Of Todd & Rob At Our Modern Mountain House

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Check Out Day In The Life Of Todd & Rob At Our Modern Mountain House

In this video, you'll see what a typical day is like for Todd and Rob at their mountain house. They'll take you on a tour of their home, show you some of the projects they're working on in anticipation for heading off to a music festival. But, as plans quickly changed, they adapt and make the best of the extra few days at home.

Come along, as we share tips for living a simple and sustainable lifestyle in the North Georgia mountains. 🏔️And always know, there's more to come! 😁

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We're Todd and Rob, husbands from Atlanta, and we recently purchased a mountain home in the North Georgia mountains, along with our dog Wally, surrounded by acres of forest, streams, and wildlife. With our home improvement skills, creativity, and imagination, we hope to create a unique space to recharge, rest, and reconnect with nature in a modern mountain escape. Follow along as we'll be posting updates on our remodel progress and mountain escapades.

Our home essentials:
→Ceiling fan:
→Jute rug:
→Essential oil diffuser:
→Telescoping ladder
→Air purifier:
→Dog bed:
→Countertop oven:
→Coffee maker:

Outdoor gear:
→Blackstone griddle:
→Gorilla cart:
→Solo stove yukon:
→Sun Joe electric wood chipper:
→Weather station:
→Outdoor rocker chairs:
→Solar lights:
→Leaf scoopers:
→Rechargeable Headlamps:

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By: Todd and Rob
Title: Day In The Life Of Todd & Rob At Our Modern Mountain House
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Tips for beginners: How to take great drone photos

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  5. Use top quality lenses. Higher resolutions will produce clearer pictures. A camera lens with a low pixel count, such as those found on most smartphones, will blur the image.
  6. Start small. When you first learn how to use a drone, try making short videos. After feeling confident with these, you can go on to making longer videos.
  7. Avoid using your drone indoors. Drones are not designed to be used inside. They can cause damage to walls, furniture, or other objects.
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